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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

04/28/2009 (Busy Busy P-day)

Hello from Milton-Freewater, Oregon. Last night we stayed the night at the elders' house from Milton-Freewater, we played Risk last night which was awesome. This morning we got up and went to the 10:45 session at the temple. A member from Milton-Freewater drove us. When we got to the temple, one of the workers noticed we were speaking Spanish so he asked if we wanted to listen to the session in Spanish. It was awesome, we got the headphones and everything. At one point when you are supposed to say yes, we all said si. It was pretty funny. We did some things in the tri-cities and then came back here to Milton-Freewater; that’s why I am e-mailing from here.

Not much has been going on this week. We do have a tough time getting people to church. The best way to feel the spirit is to go to church but if you don't go to church, you won’t feel that great spirit. It is frustrating.

We found this sweet little area that is about 100% Mexican. Whenever we walk the area, that’s how I picture Mexico. My companion says that there are parts of Mexico that are like that. They have the old guys with cowboy hats out drinking beer with the women hanging their tamales. It is sweet.

I have a few things that I have been meaning to mention to you for a while and always forgot but I got smart this time … I wrote them down ahead of time.

1st - What is the best way to clean my watch?
2nd - I decided what I want for my birthday or something like that, a hymn book for the piano. I have really been interested in playing and I can see a need for a hymn book soon. I am getting a lot better at sight reading.
3rd - Did you know that in Oregon, the gas station has to fill up your car for you, it’s like a law, crazy.
4th - With my 2 suit pants. Is it better to alternate them or just wear one now until it wears out and wear the other one later?
5th I am running low on memory on my camera. Have you sent a new card yet?

Well that’s about it.

Where was Grandpa Nick buried? Clint is now serving in Winthrop, Maine and sounds really familiar so I was just wondering if I have been there?

We have interviews with President Belnap on Thursday and he will let us know then what is going on for Mothers day phone calls. I will let you know in my next e-mail.

It is not getting warm here. It was in the 80s a couple of days last week but has been in the 50s the past couple of days. The next transfers are May 20th. We eat with members pretty much every night. We haven’t eaten out much this transfer. The guy that took us to the temple today used to have a winter home in Quartzite. He kept talking about how great it was there. I was thinking the only thing Quartzite has to offer is cheeseburgers.

I have not done very well about keeping a journal. I try to write a lot on my e-mails but the journal has not been very good. My companion is still freezing pretty much all the time. The Spanish branch meets in a regular church. They do everything with the English ward except the Sunday meetings which are separate.

Well, that’s about it. I hope and pray everything is great there. Keep up the good work

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