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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1/27/2009 (Gosh Darn it)

Well they have foiled our word document plans I guess because it won’t work now. Oh well life goes on.

Not much has been happening around here. We are not allowed to speak English as of January 22nd. I am really excited about this so I can finally put all that I have learned to the test. But the other members of my district especially my companionship are not trying as hard and it is making it difficult when they speak English to you and you try to respond in Spanish. I don't know if you have all realized that I only have 3 weeks from yesterday left. That just blows my mind. Only 98 more weeks left of the mission. I better get baptizing

I am getting kinda nervous to leave but not at the same time. I am excited to get out there but I am nervous for the unknown so I am somewhat content right here.

Our new district has been going well. We are still in the trio. I was looking at the bags that they hand you when you get here the first day to see if there was anyone speaking English going to Kennewick but I didn't see anyone. Maybe it will just be me out there.

Sounds like you all had fun at the Lion King. Leave to Stacy to give me the juicy part about the guy only wearing a loin clothe.

Today we went to the temple and did sealings. Last week we didn't do Endowments but we prefer to do sealings because they take up less time.

I had a little bit of a cold on Thursday. Not to bad but good enough to go a take a nap. I still have the dry cough from it. I finished the book of Mormon on the 25th that I started on the 1st. We have been learning so many grammar principles it is crazy. It is fun though when you realize you have been saying things all wrong.

Dad I was going to mention that I might call you guys when I head out. But I decided I would surprise you. But it looks like you have caught on. Is there anyway I can call mom. They have phone cards here at the MTC Wal-mart that I can buy.

Well sorry if it seems I am not giving as much detail. We are back to only 30 minutes. In 3 weeks I will be writing those long boring letters again because hopefully I will have more time.

Mom if in one of your next few letters if you could send me some stamps that would be nice. I can buy some here but the ones in the desk draw at home will probably be there when I get home anyway.

Well I will talk to you all later. Everything is going great here. I hope and pray for all of you at home. Remember the gospel is true and there is no way to deny it!

Elder Bair
MTC Mailbox #150
WA-KENN 0216
2005 N 900 E
Provo Utah 84604

(If that isn't a big enough hint I don’t know what is!!)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


How are you? I am doing fine. I can’t believe the Cardinals are in the super bowl. I guess since the Diamondbacks won it when Scott was gone the Cardinals will win it now that I am gone.

This whole using the word document thing has been trippy but it seems to be working for the time being. Since I only have 3 more p-days here in the MTC after this one it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Elder Black the one that was on the plane with us remembered you talking to him telling him where the bags were coming off. He is kind of goofy though but he makes me laugh because he just is kinda aloof to life. But he is really smart and pretty good at Spanish when he talks.

Speaking of presidents, we got a new MTC mission president. They are Brother and Sister Smith. That is really sweet that Mountain Ridge is marching in the inauguration parade. I heard that Kurt Haws was leading them. That is crazy. As I speak right now, Barack Obama is our president. That’s a little weird.

We do have to do service every Thursday. We just go in the kitchen and pretty much unload things from trucks and move them around. Nothing big. We have to have our room clean but we have never cleaned it. We are all good about putting things away and so it doesn’t need to be cleaned anyway. They want us to get haircuts every 2 weeks here so I will probably get 2 more before I leave.

I am glad to hear my letters are sufficient enough. Which reminds me, I would like to see some pictures of you guys. Maybe of Christmas or something. It sounds like with Dad, Scott and Chad all working out of town you guys are just living the party life down there in the valley of the sun.

I remember your ward conference times. You were always really busy. But it is just like any other church calling, the more you do, the more you will be blessed. Plain and simple. That kind of stinks that dad has to go to church alone though. No one will be able to wake him up.

We have had a pretty big mix up. But I feel it is for the good. I have learned a lot more Spanish since moving over to that district. The reason they had so many teachers is because of the holidays so they were short on teachers and so some of them were doubling up on classes some days. The reason that kid wanted to go to the field or go to the advance class is because he didn’t feel like he was progressing. He has been getting some anxiety about it and what do you know, I have had anxiety so I am just trying to talk to him and make him feel like this is normal. That kid that got in the fight left to go to the field. That’s what happened to him.

Your philosophy about talking to the neighbors about the church may work. We have learned here that missionaries are supposed to be nosey. Everyone has a problem, that’s why they might have a tough time hearing about the gospel. The sooner you get to that, they sooner you will baptize them. It may sound weird, but all 55,000 of us are weird. We all know this gospel is true, lets share it.

Well not much has happened here. Last Tuesday Elder Holland came to speak to use again. It doesn’t get old listening to him. We have been teaching a bunch of lessons to fake investigators. The may be fake but sometimes they give you these problems and all of the sudden you feel they have this problem and you really want to fix them and then after the lesson you remember that they don’t really have a problem. It is hard to explain but really neat. We got a new mission president his name is President Smith. I haven’t heard him or really seen him but he seems nice. I have really become close to my new district. Some are pretty quite but I won’t let them be. 2 of them are really into magic so that’s fun. We went to the temple today and did endowments. The Provo temple is pretty basic but really pretty. I don’t think I have given as many hugs to guys as I have the past month. Speaking of month, I have been here a month! You tell people how long I have been out you can say a month, not 4 weeks. I only have 23 to go. It has gone pretty quick for me. It feels like I haven’t seen you guys in forever but the weeks keep going by fast. Seems like I am always here writing you guys. If this is supposed to go slow, I can’t wait to see what it is like when I get 6 months under my belt.

I feel like I am only enjoying the MTC because you told me too. I went in thinking it was going to great, and so far it has. Sometimes it seems like we won’t ever teach real people but when I get like that I just go to the RC. Playing basketball has been awesome. We play 5 days a week. It’s really fun. The food hasn’t been bad at all. I try to not eat the same thing each week so I am not sick of it yet. But I am not a very picky eater anyway. I have eaten a lot of hamburgers which has reminded me of this summer.

Yo se que Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador. Yo se que familias son al central de la plan de Dios. Tengo mucho amor por ustedes. Yo se que necesito ir a Washington Kennewick para hablar con los persones alla. Nos Hablamos Luego

Con mucho amor!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

01/13/2009 (Run that by me again?!?)

Well let’s start with my business. We have beaten the system. We have learned how to print our letters. It is 7 cents but I feel as though it is worth it. Second of all, we have figured out that if you open up a word document that you can write your letter and then copy and paste it into the email. Ergo… there is no time limit anymore. What missionaries will do to be intelligent!!

Now I will tell you some of the happenings that are going on here at the MTC.

Now if you would refer back to the title of my e-mail it states….. Run that by me again?!......that is because we have switched districts. We only had me and my 2 companions in my district. There was another district in another zone that only had four. They had it this way just in case some kids would come up from beginners. So they told us in the middle of class with 2 hours left until dinner that after dinner we were to go to the other district’s classroom for class. We were devastated. We were getting 2 new teachers. One of which substituted for our class at the beginning and he was super boring. He was even falling asleep in our class. That is not a joke. With us moving districts, it also entailed us moving classrooms, zones, which means we had to go to a different dorm that was down a floor. A lot has happened since last Thursday. We really didn’t want to do this but we did it anyways. The reason we have found out is because they have had 8 teachers since they got here and one of the elders said he felt like he was not progressing at all. He asked if he could just go to the mission field or be put into advanced. And this was the marvelous idea the MTC came up with. I can understand were he is coming from. But we just loved our teachers so much…especially Hermano Vance, he is way cool a really really smart and really new the gospel and loves missionary work. We have, however realized that there is a reason for the switch and we have become very good friends with the kid that was upset. We have been helping him and I think things are progressing for them and for us. Our 2 new teachers are Hermano Brodogar from Columbus, Ohio who served Chile Santiago West. And Hermano Hildago from Mexico who served in Roseville California. They have actually both have been really good teachers. Brodogar is really good and made us give lesson 1 in Spanish twice yesterday. All he does is speak to us in Spanish. If we don’t know a word he will describe it in Spanish, he won’t tell us the word in English. It is pretty fun.

We have four new Missionaries. Elder Hatch (the one that was upset) who is from Provo and serving in the Tucson mission. Elder Cortez from Houston who is also serving in the Tucson mission. Elder Black (the elder that was on our flight from Phoenix to Salt Lake, small world eh?) from LA who is serving in New York New York South. And Elder Fatheringham who is from Salt Lake and is serving in Costa Rica. Our new Branch Presidency seems really cool and funny. The branch President served in Lime Peru and is a judge by profession. I couldn’t tell you about the other 2 other than they seem really nice and funny because I didn’t not interview with them. So that’s how most of our week went. Exciting Eh?

I have heard the Cardinals are a win away from the super bowl. That is amazing!! Who would have thought that would happen 6 months ago.

It is actually really awesome every Wednesday when the new groups come in. The building where our classroom is at is actually perpendicular where you drive your car into so we always stand at the door there and watch them unload and take pictures. Usually when we see a group that just got let out walk by us we yell out…..welcome to the longest day of your life……most of my buddies think its mean but I just want to let them know that’s its long for everyone not just us. Oh heck who am I kidding I do it to be mean!!! But you have to have fun right?!?!?!

We sometimes go to the temple on Sundays to take pictures but we only do the sessions on Tuesday. We did sealings again today. We have all day for P-day but we have a devotional that starts a 7 and a meeting afterwards. That’s pretty much when it ends. So minus the temple and the hour and half we have to do laundry. We are pretty much writing letters all day. We sometimes have down time but not very often. The most down time comes on Sundays. The “fight” that I called it was nothing much of a fight. Just like a shouting match although they did have to be held back. The actually kissed and made up and one has left anyways so it’s all fine and dandy.

That is funny What Rex and Cooper did at Stacy’s house. I would let you send them to me but it says in the white bible that missionaries are not the have pets. It also says that missionaries are to sleep in the same room but not the same bed…..awkward! That’s hilarious Cooper went on the rodeo. I can’t believe dad went to find him. Where was he? Remember the Sunday before I left Rex got locked in the bathroom. I think Matt secretly left him there.

Well now for the happenings here the MTC. It hasn’t snowed since last Tuesday and the snow on the ground has begun to melt. I am in a shirt and a t-shirt today so it’s pretty warm.

Like I said we have begun to speak only Spanish. It has been fun. We will walk around the MTC and our teacher will tell us things in Spanish to help us remember them. I got a haircut last Wednesday. They cut my hair pretty short but I like it. I found out you don’t have to part your hair here in the MTC so I no longer have to look like goofy.

For the Sunday night devotional I had to usher. This just means I had to get there 45 minutes early, where a badge that said USHER and smile at people. We were supposed to make sure all the Elders had suit coats on. Luckily for there sakes I didn’t have to throw down on anybody. I really didn’t do much except twice I had to tell a row to scoot it. But it was still fun to look important at the height of 5’ 9”. I have been thinking lately since I have been here 4 weeks. I feel a lot older then a lot of the elders here even though I am probably the youngest. That is interesting how you mentioned that I look out for people’s feelings. I never even thought of that but it makes sense. Probably to a fault. It’s probably what a lot of my anxiety is. But it all works out.

Well I have probable bored you enough with all of my writing. Please forward this to all that it may concern. Remember the church is true. If you ever want to tell someone about the church, teach them about the light of Christ in their lives and I promise you the spirit will show them that it is true. There are probably a lot of typos in here but its too long for me to go back and read it. It is probably too long for you also. But keep up the good work. Mom and Dad did you guys every talk to your neighbors? Well I love you all and I know Christ has greater love for us then anyone in this world. He did die for us and did it out of pure love. Continually pray for the missionaries.

PS don’t you love long dry boring letters? Me too!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

01/06/2009 (Let it snow let it snow let it snow)

Hello all in the sunshine state!!!! It is snowing here and has dumped about a foot and half already today. It has been quite the experience. We went to the temple today for the first time. We did Sealings. It was fun and a nice break from the norm! It was weird to be in the temple but a very good experience none the less. A lot has been going on here. We had 2 teachers. Hermana Amupuno who served in Long Beach and is from Ecuador and Hermano Hildago who served Roseville and is from Mexico. Now we have 2 more since BYU started its new semester. They are Hermano Vance from Mesa and went to Mountain View High School and served in Mexico City. He is a really good teacher and I feel the spirit every time and is also very knowledgeable about the gospel. He also keeps me updated on the Suns. The other is Hermana Hawley from Oregon who served in Spain. She is very spunky and very energetic. We just met her yesterday so I will keep you posted on her status.

We did the RC again yesterday which was another great experience. All of the advanced elders that showed up the same day as us all left yesterday and today and a few are leaving next Monday. They were all so nice and it will be to see them leave. Last night after lights out we had a little brouhaha where a couple elders had to be restrained. The one is from LA and I think he was just teasing the other and the other just popped.

Regarding your new neighbors. I having my missionary goggles on see a perfect missionary experience. You have a son on a mission, what’s mission, what is he teaching, boom! You have someone interested in the gospel. They seem like quite the family. The sister’s Christmas present was a pearl necklace. They were pretty excited about that so you can report that in your good news minute. I have heard of English and a couple of Spanish elders going Kennewick but they leave this week which would put them 6 weeks ahead of me but I have never met anyone. Our New Year was boring. We didn't do anything exciting. We just woke up and it was 2009! whoopee!!! I have seen a couple of guys from Peoria north stake here. I had to get Hep-A shot. It was sixty something dollars. I have to get another in the field. I just paid with my debit card. I try to speak Spanish to my comps. because it helps me speak and them to listen. I will try that about the suit because it is 5.66 to get your suit dry cleaned here but you can use your card that they give you so we will see.

Well I am learning a lot and am 3 weeks down!!! It has flown.

Your questions: We have personal time for like 4 hours a day and then a teacher for the rest when we are not at meals or in breakfast. It goes by fast though. We do sit at desks. I usually use 2 because we have so much stuff and I have to reach over to write because they are right handed desk. I am pretty much exhausted by Saturday night but the rest of the days it’s not to bad. We hare beginning to go to the temple every week. There are four beds in our room but just three of us. Me and my 2 comps. Meals are 45 minutes but we usually finish within 15.

Well I have 2 minutes left. I have lost 3 pounds. YES!! I have printed pictures but I probably won’t send them until I leave the MTC when I can send more. How are my letters? Am I better or worst than Scott. Well sorry about all the typos I am trying to type fast.

Remember the lord loves us all and just wants us to succeed. If you believe the restoration, you believe in it all.

Nos vermos luego

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pictures (January 2009)

Elder Christenson, Elder Bair, Elder Barcenas.

Matthew doing his laundry in the MTC.