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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

05/05/2009 (Now ya'll are busy)

Well yesterday was a really fun day. We went on exchanges and Elder Montoya went to Milton-Freewater, Oregon and I stayed in Walla Walla with Elder Uribe. Elder Uribe is from Chile and he flew to Kennewick with me but entered the MTC on February 4th. So the car had to stay in Walla Walla so I was the driver for the day. I thought I would be rusty after four and half months but I felt like I picked it right up again. It was fun kind of being in church and having to say we need to go here now and all of that. It was fun and rewarding.

We haven’t had much in the teaching going on. A lot of people have been out of town or just not answering I guess. Time has been going really quick. Transfers are in 2 weeks again. That is amazing.

We had interviews last Thursday and those were fun. It was just a typical how-are-you-doing interview nothing special. It was good to kind of relax though I guess.

A lot of people here are worried about the Swine flu. I don't know if people are just over exaggerating or if it pretty serious. Do they seem to have a hold on it at all or is it still growing?

Thanks for answering my questions. They have been on my mind a lot. I don’t really care what kind of hymn book just one that will stay open when I play. The size does not matter to me.

I kind of feel like I am in San Diego. The weather has been cool and breezy like that and the houses are really small and kind of awkward like they are in San Diego so that’s how I get that feeling.

I don't really know what else to say because we are going to be talking in 5 days.

Well that’s all. I will talk to you in about 5 days. It seems like we just talked but that was pretty much 3 months ago. Well it went quick for me at least. Talk to you later

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