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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pictures (October 2010)

Joel and his sister, Maribel

Joel and Elder Bair

From left: Elder Tom, Maribel, Mirabel's husband, Joel, Elder Bair

Baptism! (10/26/2010)

The Baptism on Saturday for Joel was a success. Actually more then a success. Not only did he get baptized, but, there were 18 investigators there. They weren't all our investigators of course but spread out through the three companionships. It was a really good service as well. The talks were good and stayed on topic, which is not always the case.

Edubijes and Daniella came to the baptism. They also came to church the next day. Their baptism got moved to the 6th. They just had too much going on this weekend. They are ready and really want to get baptized.

There was a girl that came to the baptism named Erica. She is awesome. She came up to me after and asked what time do your church services start? So I told her and then she said who can I talk to to learn more about your church? I probably got a huge smile on my face as I said “ME!” So she came to church the next day and then we set up an appointment for Monday. She is a single mom. She has a 2 year old and a child this is a month old. The dad just left and went to Mexico and she is going through a lot. She is currently living with five older guys that all rent out this little apartment but she is going to move in with a member, the one that took her to the baptism. We are helping her move tonight. She has gone to quite a few churches but she just hasn't felt right. She really opened up to us yesterday which means she is really looking for something. She doesn't feel that God loves her. We talked about that and she began to realize how much he did. How he had blessed her with two absolutely beautiful children. She is really looking for something and I pray that we are able to find out what it is a give it to her.

Diego and Alyda are doing all right. We went by a couple times. They have a desire. They did read a little bit so that is good, although they didn't come to church like they promised.

One more thing about Joel. Sunday he and his brother-in-law worked with us from 4:30 to 9. It was awesome. We got into one door and you could tell that Joel was a little shell shocked. Then we tried probably 5-7 other doors with no luck. So we knock on this one door and they didn't answer. So we go downstairs and are walking to the car and Joel says to me "we need to say a prayer so God will let us get into these peoples’ homes". My jaw about dropped. So we get in the car and Francisco, the brother-in-law offers the prayers. No sooner than we say amen, they open the door and Joel sees in and yells up "were coming!" So we run up there and have an awesome lesson. Joel bore his testimony of the changing power of the gospel. It was awesome. He is such a good guy. He said he is going to ask all of his co-workers and his friends for their address so we can go visit them.

Grandma-Thanks for the package I got it last night. I really appreciate it

Did the Ward Young women get my letter I sent to them? I sent it to Sister Brown. I was just wondering.

Anyway I better get going. I love you all.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Success! (10/19/2010)

Elder Tom and I have been blessed with a lot of success right now. It is certainly nothing Elder Tom or I are doing but that the Lord has been preparing people in this part of his vineyard and we have just been blessed with being able to be here right now.

Here is a run down of who we are teaching....

Joel - He is going to get baptized this Saturday. He is awesome. He has such a desire to change and do what is right. We taught him about fasting last week and then he fasted on Sunday. I don't think I have ever met anyone that has fasted before their baptism. He has been so fun and rewarding to teach. Hopefully, since he is only 22, we can get him to go on a mission.

Edubijes and Daniella are doing really well. They are understanding what we are teaching them and they have a desire to get baptized. They are cool girls. We went by the other day and talked to them about the Word of Wisdom. They understood it and it was pretty fun to teach.

Carolina - Carolina is an 18-year-old girl that has 2 kids. The oldest being 2. She just separated from her husband because he was beating her and her 2 kids. She just wants to change her life. That's what she keeps saying. She is a cool girl. She is scheduled for baptism in November.

Diego and Alyda - They just moved here from the great city of Phoenix because of the Arizona immigration law. They are a cool family. They have 3 kids and one on the way. They are looking for a church. She has talked with missionaries before. They have a lot of questions. I mean A LOT of questions. We taught them the first lesson last night and committed them to be baptized and they said if the were 100% sure that they would. And that they would start praying tonight if they should. It was awesome.

Gerardo - He is a friend of a member. We went by and read the introduction to the Book of Mormon with him to get him to start reading it. It went really well. He wants to have peace in his life like his friend (the member) does.

Angelica - She is a friend of the same member (she is a great member missionary). Her husband got deported and they don't know when he will be back. She has 3 kids and is raising them alone. She also is looking for peace and comfort. We talked to her about reading the Book of Mormon and looking for that peace.

So there are a couple of more but those are the main people we are teaching. I am having a lot of fun. Elder Tom is really progressing. His Spanish has probably doubled.

Well I better get going. I love you all and keep doing what you are doing.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pasco, WA (10/12/2010)

Hello from Tri-cities, Washington. I am in the heart of the mission now. I am serving in Pasco, in the Pasco 5th Branch which is the biggest branch in the mission. There are about 200 people who attend in non-fruit picking season, and it has three sets of missionaries covering and it is keeping us busy.

My new companion is Elder Tom. He is from Marysville, California. His heritage is Native American, Navajo to be more specific and so that throws the Hispanics here for a spin. His Spanish is really good for just coming out to the field. He has progressed a lot in the week that he has been here and I am sure it is due to 1) hearing real people speak it fast, and 2) Not being so nervous and just talking. He is a good Elder and ready to work hard.

The work here is great. We have three baptisms coming up. One is a brother of a member. His name is Joel. He is awesome. He has had some struggles in his life with addictions and other related things but he is so willing and ready to change. Both times we have gone over there he has asked to say the closing prayer and both times he has asked for forgiveness. We challenged him to do it on his own too. Then the next time we asked him how it went and he just got this big smile on his face and just said great. He is awesome. He is scheduled for the 23rd.

The other two are young girls, Edubijes and Daniela. They are daughters of a Recent Convert. They are cool girls. They have been going to primary so they know the answers. They are going to be baptized on the 31st of October

The Pasco stake is awesome. They have set a goal to have 110 baptisms but the end of the year. Well as of right now they have had 68. We had a meeting last Thursday with the stake presidency and all of the ward mission leaders to get things going. We are going to work as hard as we can as a stake to get the 42 baptisms that we need. It should be a lot of fun a really rewarding.

Things are going great. Thank you all for all you do. Have a great week.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Well (10/05/2010)

Well, as I said two weeks ago, the Lord works in mysterious ways. I know that I was sent to Milton-Freewater for a reason and I have found those reasons

First reason is how important members are in the conversion of Our Heavenly Father’s Children. The ward was very good at missionary work. They may not get the baptisms that some wards get but, we did have a baptism on Sunday and it didn't even feel like one because we really didn't do much. They took care of all of the details and planning. It was quite nice.

Sometimes I feel, as the missionary, that I am supposed to do all of the planning and get everything set up. I feel that these ward members are too busy to do anything and since this is my job I can just get it set up. But that's not the case. We need the help of the members.

Another thing I learned is the Lord listens to everyone’s prayers. He understands what you are going through. He realizes your pains and your joys. I felt as though Elder Holland stood up and talked to me as he gave his talk to open General Conference. Speaking of Conference I thought it was amazing. I got the chills as the MTC choir sang "Hark all ye Nations". We always sang that in the MTC and I thought they did an excellent job. Also, who knew that they had glasses of water underneath the pulpit? I wonder if they have several or if they all have to drink out of the same glass?

Anyways, I don't know where I am off to but I do know I am getting a companion that is flying in today from the MTC. I am excited and humbled. Everything will be great.

Well I would like to thank everyone for your prayers. I thank Chad for his letters. Keep up the good work. I know the Lord is watching over us. I testify that we do not walk alone. Never.

I love you all.