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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

04/21/2009 (The work is progressing)

Hello, how are you? I am doing well. Things are going really well here in Walla Walla. We have been doing a little bit more tracting but we have been finding some really good people to teach.

We gave a tour of the church to Natividad and then watched the video “The Restoration” in one of the classrooms. He started crying at the end as most do because it is so powerful. He said he has been searching for answers lately. He didn't attend Sacrament meeting on Sunday but he called that night and apologized for not going which is really good.

On Friday we decided we were going to go tracting but we didn't know where. We prayed and a less active lady’s name came to our minds. We went to visit her and we just talked for a little bit because she was on her way out. So then we went tracting. We went one way on one side of the street and were coming back the other side (by the way this was all English which makes me more nervous then Spanish) and we had about five house left when we met this lady named Whinnie. She said how interested she was in the Mormon faith because we were so close as families. She said her daughter has been having trouble and was in Salt Lake City that weekend and called her mom and told her that everyone was just so nice there and her mom told her that is just how people are there. We went back today and taught her the first lesson and she told us afterwards that she really likes that idea of a restored gospel. She also says that she feels an emptiness in her church. At the end she prayed and said thank you for bringing these nice young men and just started crying and said I will pray to find out if it is true, I promise. She is really a neat lady. Her husband is a radiation specialist and they are very wealthy. I add that on to show that you never know who is ready for the gospel.

We have been teaching a few other people that have seemed interested. We are working hard so that’s half that battle, right.

It has been in the low 80's and very sunny. I have been wearing short sleeves and my arms are getting nice and tan. It is a little toasty walking around with dark slacks and a tie on. I know it’s not as hot as in Arizona but I am still going to complain.

Tomorrow we have a Spanish zone conference in The Dalles. It’s just all the Spanish missionaries in the mission getting together. We have to be in the Tri-cities at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow which means we will have to be up at about 4:30.

Oh!! I almost forgot! I had quite a day on Saturday. We were out tracting and all the sudden I had to go to the bathroom (#2). I told Elder Montoya and he said lets just do the rest of the street which was about 3 houses and I said okay. Well we did that and we were heading back to the car when we started talking to a lady out on the street. Well by the time we got back to the car, Elder Montoya asked me, "Where did you want to go?" And I said "well, we better go home!". Elder Montoya a little puzzled replied, "Why?" and I answered a fair question and said "because I need some new garments". So by the time we got home I was a pretty good mess. I jumped in the shower and got all cleaned up and we headed back out. Elder Montoya was pretty sad that he didn't listen to me the first time. I told him not to worry, it runs in the family. So that it has happened already on the mission. We will mark that as time number 1. (You can put this on the blog or not. It is up too you)

Well not much else is happening here. Just keep praying for the missionaries and for missionary experiences. I like the missionary story you wrote about mom. That was good. I love and miss you all.

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