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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pictures (February 2009)

What happens the last week in the MTC

Elder Bair with his teacher, Hermano Vance, Elder Fuller, Elder Beckstead

Hermano Brodegard, Elder Bair, Hermano Hildago

Matthew's prized possession - his name tag in Spanish.

Hermano Silva with Matthew.

Matthew and Elder Beckstead through the peep hole.

Matthew with Hermana Hawley

Our district in front of the Provo Temple

Our whole district:
Elder Black (New York), Elder Fotheringham (Costa Rica), Elder Cortez (Tucson), Hermano Hildago, Elder Hatch (Tucson), Elder Bair (Kennewick), Elder Beckstead (Argentina), Hermano Brodegard.

Matthew displaying his flight plans for his trip to Kennewick.

Working the phones in the referral center.


  1. I'm so glad there are finally pictures on here. Why isn't Matthew referred to as Hermano Bair instead of Elder Bair? And who took that silly peep hole picture?!

  2. The same reason why a non-missionary member is called brother so-and-so and the missionary is Elder so-and-so. The hermano is not a missionary, he is a member of the church teaching at the MTC. You need to ask Matthew who took the picture.