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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

02/10/2009 (So when do I leave?)

Well the big question of the week is did I get my flight plans? Well you must read on.

We actually had a pretty good week. On Saturday we were teaching lesson 2 at the TRC (that is just were you teach fake instigators). We were teaching lesson 2 which is the plan of salvation in Spanish and everything was going well. Our teacher evaluates you and he said he left and left the door partially open. Upon returning, the door was closed and thought, hmm that’s weird and when he opened it he said the spirit just hit him like a sack of potatoes. Then at the end of the lesson, the guy we were teaching, who served his mission in Espana, began to cry. We didn't know what to do but we just kept going. We ended the lesson and left and came back to talk to him and he said that he just said that the doctrine is just so true and the spirit was so strong. I am not saying we are fabulous teachers by any means, I just realized that the spirit can dwell anywhere and there is no such thing as fake navigators.

So a couple of weeks ago, a kid in our district couldn't sleep so he came in our room to see if anyone was awake in our room. So at one in the morning he comes in and turns on the light. Realizes that no one is awake and leaves without turning on the light. So we thought it was very odd of this individual to do this so on Saturday night we plotted a counter attack. We got in all black and walk into his room and all stood by his bed with the lights off and started saying his name. He rolled over until his eyes rested upon us when he quickly jumped back and raised his fist into a punching motion. None the less, mission accomplished and a very funny story to tell for years to come.

Yesterday, Elder Beckstead’s parents sent him some really good chips and salsa and a kid from our districts parents sent him some Gatorade so we had a little party last night. That was fun

I can’t believe that the roof still has a leak in it, well I can I just can’t believe that the day you get guys out there it rains again. This is Arizona we are talking about right, or did you move on me? That is way exciting that they are going to break ground on the temple. I hope I get back in time to maybe help put in the landscape if that happens.

Today we had breakfast at the temple. It was really good, especially for 2.50. I had waffles.

I still write Clint. He is the only one I get letters from outside the family. He is doing well. He is a senior comp now which is scary. I may have already told you that though.

Well the verdict is I leave the 24th of February. I didn't get my flight plans but I went to the travel office and the lady told me I was flying straight to Pasco on the 24th. She didn't give me any times though. That should come Thursday or Friday. So I still have another 2 weeks from today. I am sure it will go fast. I haven’t met anyone else going to Kennewick. I’m sure I will once I get on the bus.

Well keep up the good work. I smile every time I think about people coming unto the great gospel. If you baptize one, you don't know how many people that one person affects.

Well sorry for all of the typos. I was typing fast so I could have time to chat. I will talk to you later

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