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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1/27/2009 (Gosh Darn it)

Well they have foiled our word document plans I guess because it won’t work now. Oh well life goes on.

Not much has been happening around here. We are not allowed to speak English as of January 22nd. I am really excited about this so I can finally put all that I have learned to the test. But the other members of my district especially my companionship are not trying as hard and it is making it difficult when they speak English to you and you try to respond in Spanish. I don't know if you have all realized that I only have 3 weeks from yesterday left. That just blows my mind. Only 98 more weeks left of the mission. I better get baptizing

I am getting kinda nervous to leave but not at the same time. I am excited to get out there but I am nervous for the unknown so I am somewhat content right here.

Our new district has been going well. We are still in the trio. I was looking at the bags that they hand you when you get here the first day to see if there was anyone speaking English going to Kennewick but I didn't see anyone. Maybe it will just be me out there.

Sounds like you all had fun at the Lion King. Leave to Stacy to give me the juicy part about the guy only wearing a loin clothe.

Today we went to the temple and did sealings. Last week we didn't do Endowments but we prefer to do sealings because they take up less time.

I had a little bit of a cold on Thursday. Not to bad but good enough to go a take a nap. I still have the dry cough from it. I finished the book of Mormon on the 25th that I started on the 1st. We have been learning so many grammar principles it is crazy. It is fun though when you realize you have been saying things all wrong.

Dad I was going to mention that I might call you guys when I head out. But I decided I would surprise you. But it looks like you have caught on. Is there anyway I can call mom. They have phone cards here at the MTC Wal-mart that I can buy.

Well sorry if it seems I am not giving as much detail. We are back to only 30 minutes. In 3 weeks I will be writing those long boring letters again because hopefully I will have more time.

Mom if in one of your next few letters if you could send me some stamps that would be nice. I can buy some here but the ones in the desk draw at home will probably be there when I get home anyway.

Well I will talk to you all later. Everything is going great here. I hope and pray for all of you at home. Remember the gospel is true and there is no way to deny it!

Elder Bair
MTC Mailbox #150
WA-KENN 0216
2005 N 900 E
Provo Utah 84604

(If that isn't a big enough hint I don’t know what is!!)

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