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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

02/17/2009 (Well its about time)

The subject has to do with 2 things. First, I finally have a week left and second, they fired Porter (I will give my professional opinion on that later in this writing).

Well I leave a week from today. Today is also my 2 month anniversary. Man time is going fast. 22 more months sounds a lot better then 24 more months, why, I don’t know.

Not much is happening here. We have mainly been talking about what to expect when we get to the mission field. My teacher told me that next Tuesday night I should be doing regular missionary work. I don’t know how I feel about that but I will let you know.

4 out of the 7 from our district have left for the field. The other 2 leave Monday and I leave Tuesday. I am trying not to complain about anything because I have really loved the MTC and everyone in my district but I think egos just start running high here in the MTC. Today we went to the temple and breakfast there again and then did a session. They had a different video. It seemed older and it was a little longer. I did the veil with almost no help too.

I kinda figured it was the Gila Valley temple because that’s what was on the cover of LDS.org. That is exciting though.

So Terry Porter getting fired eh? I figured it would come. It sounds like no one wanted to listen to him. What has Gentry done? Has he made any decisions? When do Pitchers and Catchers report? How are the Dbacks looking. Are you going to buy tickets or have you not decided yet?

Mom, I did receive your package and letter. Thank you so much. The card was awesome. It kinda startled me at first but I love it.

Well sorry this is really short. I will be able to chat today and I will rush to a phone on Tuesday. There are 18 in my travel group by the way but some how I still haven't met any of them. Thanks for all of the phone numbers. I look forward to talk to you.

This church is true and the only true one on the earth. It brings such great happiness in our lives and that is so important to me.

I love you all and pray for you daily.

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