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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You may not believe it.... (04/20/2010)

But I am staying in my area with my companion. It is very unusual for me, but I am very excited. We have a lot of things going on, and there is a twist, we got a bigger area. Here in Yakima there has been 2 sets of Elders that have split the city in half and have worked together to cover the whole city. Well the branch president wanted single sisters because, there are a lot of single less-active women and a few investigators, and a lot of single girls that are thinking of going on missions. So he thought that would be helpful. So the other two Elders left and Elder Urbina and I are now covering all of Yakima for anybody with a male in the household and the sisters are covering anyone that is a single mom or single women in general. So I am looking forward to it. Our investigator total just about doubled. We will have a lot of work to do but it should be a lot of fun.

I finally remembered to write things down again for what I want to talk about in my e-mail. FYI, I just looked to my left and saw probably the tallest woman I have ever seen in person, she has to be at least 6'6", anyway....

Things are going better with our investigators. We met with Heraldo on Saturday and told him that he has to find out if the Book of Mormon is another scripture that he can use with the Bible. He has already said that he believes that book is inspired and written by prophets. But he still has his doubts, so we told him to ask if it was a book he could read to go along with the Bible.

We also found another man to teach named Leo Morales. Leo is married to a less-active member. He cut his finger on Friday at work on a table saw, so his in-laws had us come and give him a blessing. Leo only speaks Spanish and his in-laws only speak English so they had us do it in Spanish. Anyway, I guess his wife wants to go back to church and he is interested in getting his life back in order because he is having a lot of problems. He is a really humble guy, he has been taught before but he said it just wasn't right at that time.

In other news, Saturday we got invited over to dinner, not knowing that it ended up being a birthday party. Not just any old birthday party, but a birthday party with a clown. It was quite the dinner appointment. It was really good food though so it was worth it, I guess, and we got to see a magic show, it was exciting.

Also yesterday we got to do some service, and I have a major role. We were installing sprinklers for a family. They ended up not knowing what to do whatsoever so thankfully I that experience before my mission. It felt weird being out there doing it; I also got a nice little sun burn on my neck. It was fun though.

That’s about all I have. I realized for about four straight meals, not including breakfast, we had carne asada. That is probably my favorite Mexican food so it is fine by me. But I just thought that was interesting and that I might throw that in there.

But I gotta run. Have a great week!

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