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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New apartment (04/27/2010)

Well we have some new things going. Some big things going on! On the 16th of May, Leo is going to be baptized. He is such a good guy. We went over last night and we went with a kid named Manual who is just such a great kid who got baptized in September, anyway. We were introducing Manual to Leo and I said Manual got baptized about 7 months ago, and Leo turned to me and said what do I have to do to get baptized. I said do you want to, and he said yes, he said I felt so much peace and calmness at church yesterday, and I want that in my life. He is having a lot of troubles at work with co-workers wanting to get him fired and what not and he is actually afraid for his life so he said he hasn't felt so much peace in his life in a long time. He is just an awesome guy, he said “the only other time I somewhat feel that way is reading the Book of Mormon or the Bible”. So he is going to get baptized on the 16th. His wife wasn't there and when she came back I told her and it was almost like she saw a ghost and I told her, probably one of the most bold times in my mission, if he is going to get baptized, you need to turn your life around, and she said okay. So its going to be exciting, I can't wait to go back and teach him.

In other news. We had to switch apartments this last week with the big change in areas so I had to do a lot of cleaning. We have to clean up the old apartment so the church can get its deposit back and I have been cleaning the new one because it is a lot smaller so I have been moving things around to try and make it more spacious, while doing that, I have been finding a lot of dust and gross things underneath furniture (even toe nails). So the vacuum has been in full force. The other day I was cleaning out the old fridge, which was pretty disgusting by the way, and I was thinking how come ours was never this way, then I always remember mom cleaning it on a regular basis and it made me really appreciate all the times mom has cleaned my house and for anyone that stays at home or works and cleans the house.

We also had 5 people at church. There is a guy named Tomas that the other elders were teaching but now we are, that is awesome. He should hopefully be put on date for baptism here soon. Anyway, he brought a friend that was telling Tomas that he feels that the devil has entered his life and Tomas said, well you need to find a greater faith in Christ, come to the Mormon church and they will help you. It was awesome, so those 2 were there. Leo and 2 people brought friends to church and we have appointments to teach them both. It was so cool.

Anyway that’s about all I have. Heraldo is still doing good and looking better.

Have a great week

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  1. Bold moves my man, that's the way you do it. I pray that your investigators keep looking sharp and progress toward baptism.

    Things in P-town are pretty much the same. Spring is kicking in and I am looking for a second job to get some cash.

    Anyhow, I love your letter bro, keep 'em coming.

    Love ya