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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just another day in paradise (04/13/2010)

I was thinking the other day about life. I was watching and thinking of people in general. There are people in school, working, sitting around doing nothing, in jail, sick, afflicted, and I thought to myself, I have none of those things. I get to go out, and talk to people. Sixteen months ago, I would never had done that, 10 months ago, I wouldn't think it would be fun. I go back to what my brother-in-law Chad told me when I got my mission call, he said "we look at our missions and think, wow two years, that’s a long time, but in reality, it is like entering a machine which takes every care in the world away from you". I second that.

Things are going well here in Yakima. The transfer is almost over. We will find out what happens on Saturday. I hope I stay, but at the same time, I will go wherever. Things are going well though.

We are still working with the same people, but there still aren't too many updates. We have been trying to get out and walk more with the weather being so nice. Yesterday we walked from when we left the house at 12:00 to about 4:30. At the end of the day I took off my shoes and the toes on my left foot were all black. I couldn't figure out why but then I realized that I had a big hole on the bottom of my shoe. I could pretty much stick my whole figure through it. I guess I won't be wearing those shoes walking anymore.

We actually did a little bit more service this week. One day, we finished painting a room. Another day we helped this lady with her yard. And other day, a guy had gutted his house and so we helped him throw all of the garbage in a trailer so he could take it to the dump. I enjoy doing service. It changes up the day and you get to get out and use your body. It is quite nice.

Well I really can't remember too much of what happened but I am going to start writing this down again to tell you. One thing I have to say is that the power of prayer is real. I testify of it. There is no other way we could get through our lives without it. I invite you to use it often, but use it sacredly, use it like a conversation, but use it respectfully. Moroni 10:5 says “that by the power of the Holy Ghost, you may know the truth of all things", it doesn’t' say something, or things I want to you tell you, it says ALL things. I testify that is true.

I love you all and appreciate all you do for me and my family

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