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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It snowed again!! (04/06/2010)

So Friday morning we woke up and went for a bike ride for our exercises and it was pretty cold and it was just kind of misting, nothing major...so I thought, I looked down at my lap after a little bit and there was snow sitting there smiling back at me. It was definitely interesting. We ended up get about 3 inches or so. It melted away as quickly as it came though.

Things are going well here. I thought Conference was amazing. You know it has to be good when the Prophet of the world gets up and says this has been one of the best Priesthood sessions that I have been to. It is probably pretty good. I thought Elder Oaks' talk on the healing power was awesome along with Elder Uctdorf's talk on patience. It was all good though. A lot of talk on getting families prepared and everyone has a part in it.

Well a quick look at the investigators. We didn't get to have a very good week with conference taking up most of our prime time on Saturday and parts of Sunday. But this is what happened.

Maristle- she is the granddaughter of the member I talked about probably a month or so ago. We finally got with her. It went really well. We were talking about the fall of Adam. The spirit was really strong because I know we didn't explain it very well but she understood it. It was amazing. She also asked what the steps were for becoming a member of the church. That is always a good sign when that comes up.

Jacinto is good. He has really started working hard so it is hard to meet with him. But he is doing well. I think his interest has tapered lately from not being able to meet as much but he is still doing well.

We were unable to meet with Heraldo because he was working way too much. But he is doing well also.

I think that is about it. Things are going really well. I am having tons of fun. I don't really know what else to write these days. I know my e-mails haven't been as good but I just don't know what to write for some reason, that’s why I just talk about the investigators.

But I gotta go. Have a great week.

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