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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It is great to be a missionary (02/24/2010)

Why hello everyone. We had another succesfull week. It wasn't one of our best but it is still great to be a missionary. The sun has been out all week long and it has been in the mid-50's. So it has been fun to be out and doing things. Here is an update on some people.

Rafael - You know how I told you about how the mission focuses on 15 people from each ward and we work with them. Well Rafael was one of the guys that we focused on. Well I am not really sure how long Rafael hasn't been to church but it has been a while. He is 69 and a little crazy but an awesome guy. He was baptized about 3 or 4 years ago. We started going over there and the first few times we visited him, he would reluctantly let us in. Well now when we go over he is excited to see us. Then this last Sunday we called him up to remind him about church and he said that he called a guy to give him a ride but the guy wasn't going (well he called a guy that was less-active too). So he asked if we could find him a ride. We did and he showed up for church. After Sacrament meeting I told him it was good to see him here and he said well I want to thank you and my Heavenly Father for getting me here and I am going to keep on coming from now on. Then after church he asked me if I could show him how to donate tithing because he wanted to get donating again. It was awesome. He is an awesome guy.

Jorge- We went over on Saturday and actually sang some hymns with him. He had the hymns on CD playing behind us so it wasn't so bad. We sang a bunch but the one that touched him the most was "I Stand All Amazed", he started crying during the second verse. The spirit was really strong. I guess it is true what D&C 25:12 says that the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me. He was all set to finally come to church on Sunday but his landlord showed up unexpectedly to do some things around the house so he couldn't come. He is an awesome guy. He is so much happier than when we first met him.

Heraldo- We decided to just cover all of the doctrine with him since he has so many questions. It says in "Preach My Gospel" "the study of doctrine will change behavior quicker than the study of behavior will change behavior". So we went and covered the word of wisdom. It went well but he still has his doubts.

We found some other people that I will skim over real quickly until they are progressing more. Maria is a granddaughter of a member that comes and takes care of her. We went and visited them yesterday and Maria's mom (the members daughter was there) and was asking the typical Catholic questions, what do you believe about the Virgin Mary and saints and what not and we explained it to her, Maria said to her mom and I quote "that is true" talking about how we worship Jesus and not his mother "you can believe what you want but that’s the truth, he is our Savior, not her". It was awesome, she had a lot of good questions.

Also last night we had a return appointment with a guy named Carlos. He is a Christian who knows a lot about the Bible but he had a dream the other day that a lady told him that there is a church out there that is perfect and without stain. We shared with him the first lesson and boldly told him that we are the perfect and true church. The spirit was really strong and it was a really good lesson. We have a return appointment Wednesday.

Well I better run but PLEASE keep praying for our investigators. They need it. Have a great week.

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