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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another week down (02/16/2010)

So another week down and the time is going way too fast. We were extremely busy this week. We taught a variety of people and had the baptism for Eduardo.

Eduardo’s baptism went really well. Everything went as planned. We wished there were more people there but a lot of people got confused at the time and showed up an hour late. But it is all good. He is baptized and will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday. We went over there on Monday and I asked his mom how he was doing and she said he is way different already. She said he normally just wants to sit at home and watch TV, but yesterday he asked her if he could go to the store with her. She was shocked. He is a great kid that has been coming to mutual and to church and I can see him serving a mission in the next 10 years.

Everyone else is about the same. We were able to get in with Duvi and talk to her. We had a couple of great lessons. On Friday she said she was for sure ready to be baptized on the 28th of February and everything was just fine and dandy. Well then she came to church and left about 5 minutes before Sacrament meeting. The other elders called her because she was going to follow them to the baptism. Well she told them that she couldn't get over the fact that women participated in the services like give prayers and talks and what not because in the Jehovah’s Witness church they don't. Well she said she didn't want us to come over anymore she wasn't really interested anymore. So that was a complete 180 degree turn. We don't know what happened. It was weird. I think we are going to try and get over there and see what really happened.

Well we are somewhat back in the finding mode. We have a lot of good people but they are having trouble taking the next step. Rosa has another daughter named Claudia. We didn't have much contact with her because she was always with her boyfriend. Well her boyfriend just got thrown into jail. So we have been working extremely hard with her of late but her boyfriend is getting out soon. Is it bad to pray for people to stay in jail?

Mom you asked if we work with less-actives or investigators more. More investigators but the mission has this thing where every high priest group, relief society, and elders quorum in each ward select five people they want to focus on. They could be less actives, part member families or investigators. So we have been working with them. We have found a lot of success in this and it is an awesome program if everyone is on board and understands it. It is awesome.

Well on that note I have to go. Have a great week

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