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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This week went by really fast! (03/02/2010)

Hello everyone. How are things going? Things are going really well here although it was somewhat a cycle week in terms of investigators. We have found a lot of good people to start teaching but lost one at the same time...I will explain.

We did not have a chance to meet with Maria this week because she was sick (there were a lot of people sick this week) but we managed to talk to her grandma to see how she enjoyed it. Well she said her daughter Juana, Maria’s mom, (sorry this is so confusing) said on the way home, we are going to become Mormon! I thought Angelina (the grandma) was going to die laughing and with excitement. She said she has tried to get them to listen to the gospel but they have never had interest. Angelina is really excited and I think her daughter and granddaughter are also. Maria has questions about the preexistence, while Juana can't read so she is somewhat leery of that. They are both doing well though.

We are also teaching a guy named Carlos. Carlos is tough because he says he has been baptized and for what ever reason he won’t understand the whole authority principle. He is a good guy and likes to talk religion but we are still trying to figure out if he is interested in our church or if he just wants to talk religion.

Jorge is doing really well, he too was sick this week so he still has yet to come to church. The one who dropped us was Heraldo. He said he is really confused but has a lot of economic problems so he is unable to meet with us anymore. We don't really know why but every time we taught him anything he was taking it to the heart, he just wanted the facts so we were probably going to give him an ultimatum soon. He is a good guy; hopefully he can find the desire again soon.

Well I spent most of my time uploading pictures so I didn't get much time to write. I am sorry. If you have any questions just ask. I hope and pray you have a great week.

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