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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So we got a new e-mail system (02/09/2010)

So we got a new e-mail system. It is powered by Google. I like it a lot better because it has some of the nice features that a regular e-mail has like...auto-save (I tend to need this one a lot). Also it has a lot more space. Plus it tells you when a new e-mail comes in, on the old you had to update to see if new e-mails had come in or not. All of my e-mails were transferred over.

Things are going really well here in Yakima. We are finding a lot of people to teach. We taught 23 lessons last week. The lesson system has changed in our mission. Before, it was if you teach two or more principles, and extend a commitment, it is a lesson. Now you have to have an opening and closing prayer, teach two or more principles and extend a commitment. So we had 23 of those which is really good. President Belnap wants us to teach 20 a week and for the most part a lot of people are struggling with that but he asked us at this last zone conference to put our mind to it and really work towards that.

Edurado is doing really well. He will be baptized this Saturday. He is learning and understanding. Rosa is also doing really well. We have committed them to start reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning as a family. She seemed really excited to do that.

Duvi is having her struggles. We have moved her baptismal date back to the 28th of February. She has a lot of doubts and problems but she says she knows the church is true.

Herraldo still has his doubts. We have based his doubts down to the fact that he doesn't believe that God has a body of flesh in bones....therefore; Joseph Smith could not see God. So we are working with him on that right now.

Jorge has a lot of problems going on in his family right now. He is a good guy but at times it seems his mind is preoccupied with other things and he not letting the spirit touch his heart. I know he is happier when we leave but I don’t know if he recognizes that.

We are also teaching two guys named Jose and Miguel. They are roommates and are both really good guys. Jose ordered a video from the MTC and we went by and watched it with him and Miguel. Then we went back and taught them the first lesson. They were both really interested. Miguel knows the branch president here. They said they have been searching for a church and feel this is a good one. I think they will be able to progress and hopefully reach the waters of baptism. They actually live with a less active family who is a brother to Miguel. So that would be nice to get them all back and going to church.

We have also four more new investigators since we last spoke. There names are Margarita, Maria, Jared and Evudarado. They are all really nice and hopefully are able to progress. I will give more details on the ones that are doing well. One thing is Jared and Evudarado are brothers. After our lesson we left and walked one way down the street and then we were walking back and we saw Evudarado reading the Book of Mormon. That was an awesome feeling.

One other thing that I would like to point out, that I believe just my immediate family will understand ... and the person to find it the most interesting is Stacy. (Of course). I have discovered that I have a mental clock like dad. I wake up 2 minutes before the alarm goes off everyday. I just thought I was just used to getting up at that time, but here, we have to get up at 6 to get ready and go to church on Sunday, and I get up at 5:58. It is cool. Just thought I would let you know.

Have a great week

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