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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So transfers this week... (11/03/2009)

Well, on Halloween we found out what was happening next transfer. Elder Viera and I are staying in Toppenish together for another transfer. Since Elder Viera only has 2 transfers left. We will either stay together the next 2 transfers or I will leave after this one. Let’s hope that we stay together.

Well I went to the doctor on Thursday. We had a nice little visit. We talked about a lot of things and it reminded me of when Stacy went to the doctor one time and she made a list of all the things that she could think of that were wrong with her so she could remember to tell the doctor. Anyway, we go in and the doctor asks me a few questions about what happened and what not and I tell her that I got sick. She asks me questions about that and tells me that I had the Swine Flu. She said that the Swine Flu is the Flu for this season and that it is not as bad as people are making it out to be. So she looks at my ear and said that it had already healed over but it was very very thin and I would probably rupture it again by just sneezing or blowing my nose. Also there was an infection in the outer ear canal that was similar to swimmers ear. She said it looked like proud skin. I thought my skin isn't very proud; I get sunburned all the time. But anyway, so that was that. She prescribed some ear drops and said that the clogged sound and the ringing in the ear will be there for about a month or so. I thought, oh joy!

Well anyway, to go along with the medical theme. Elder Viera had his wisdom teeth taken out on Friday. Someone in the stake did it for free. He had all 4 taken out so he was laid up pretty much all weekend. I was left to take care of him. That was a chore and a half. But I must say I made him take his pills on time every time without fail. So that was good.

Well since I had that doctor’s appointment in Yakima and Elder Veira had his wisdom teeth taken out we didn't have much going on this week. I did talk to Connell and the Rodriquezes are set to go for this Saturday. I don't know if I will be able to make it down there or not. If I get a ride, I can, but it’s hard to find a ride for a Saturday night.

We didn't do much for Halloween. Friday was the ward trunk or treat so we went to that. Nothing too spectacular happened. Then Halloween, we had to be in by dark which rolled in around 6:15. Plus Elder Viera wasn't feeling too great anyway so we didn't do much. I read a lot, that’s about it.

Well sorry this letter is so short. Not much really happened. There was snow over in Sunnyside which is about 20 minutes east of here so maybe snow should be coming soon. Someone told me the Suns are 3-0. That is amazing. Are they playing against good teams?

Well I better run. Sounds like you had a great Halloween. Dad your pumpkin looked really good. I was impressed. Grace your outfit was....original. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. You must have had a lot of pizza. Have a great week.

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  1. Carol Stewart (carolstewart@mac.com)November 5, 2009 at 8:12 PM

    Hi Elder Bair.

    Just wanted you to know we were thinking about you!

    Thanks for doing the work of the Lord with such a happy heart!

    Much Love,