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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A wild week (10/27/2009)

It has definitely been a wild week but it has made it go by fast.

It all started Tuesday with getting sick. Then Saturday rolls around and my ear was sounding very clogged. I didn't think anything of it nor did anything about it. Well 5 a.m. Sunday morning rolls around and I wake up with an ear ache. I tired to just go back to sleep but it was gradually getting worst. I finally got up and took some Aleve. So after about 40 minutes the Aleve kicked in and I was able to go back to sleep at about 6:15 to wake up at 6:30. So I was feeling fine. We went to church and did all of our meetings. The English ward and the Spanish Branch were combined because of the primary program. So lucky me. I got to translate for all of the little kids. The older kids that had their part memorized were hard because they just talked really fast. And the sunbeams were hard because I couldn't understand them very well. But it was fun. The rest spoke slowly and understandably for the most part. So anyone that gets down and about half way through Sunday school my ear starts hurting again because the Aleve was starting to wear off. So I told Elder Viera that I had to go home to get some Aleve. So we go home and I took a couple then just laid down. Well at about 11 my ear drum popped. It felt so good. It wasn't hurting that bad but it was hurting. So I lay my ear down to make sure it drained something and ended up falling asleep. Well 20 minutes later I woke up and we went on our way. I just had to make sure that there was no goop coming out of my ear all the time. So that was that. Pretty exciting.

Well I don't have to much to report because we were unable to get out and do much this week. But Wednesday we went by the Morales. We just kind of went over The Book of Mormon and what it can do for us. Then we asked if they found out that our church was true, would they get baptized and they said yes. So now we just need to help them find out the church is true then talk to them about baptism. They are awesome.

I got a call this last week from the guys in Connell. Victor, I don't know if you remember him but he is going to get baptized in the middle of November. Also the biggest news was that the Rodriquez family is going to get baptized either the 7th or the 14th of November. I am so excited. They are an awesome family. Hopefully I will be able to make it down there. But that is next transfer so we will have to see.

Also, last week we got a call that Elder Jeffery R. Holland is going to come to the mission on the 14th of November. It is going to be sweet.

Well that’s about all I can think of. There is a girl named Sister Guzman or Hermana Guzman who is currently serving in the Visitor Center there at the Mesa temple so if you guys go, you should stop by and say hello.

Well I better run. Have a great week

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