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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What are you thankful for? (11/24/2009)

Well it is the season of giving thanks and I am grateful for many things. We actually had about eight offers or so to go to eat with on Thursday. We have narrowed it down to three. We are eating with the Zillah Elders for the three of them. The first will be just a regular family dinner. The second is so big that it will be at a high school. They say there will be something like 300 people there. That will be crazy. The last one will be the Clements. That’s the lady that called you guys. It should be really fun. I am looking forward to it. Let me know how all ya'lls
Thanksgivings went.

Well things have been pretty normal here. We didn't have as many to the Spanish branch as we did the week before but we still had a solid 50 or so. It is a lot nicer to have a lot of people there. There are two families that have come for three weeks in a row. There are now two deacons to pass the sacrament every week. It is really nice. I don't know if I told you or not, but while I was gone they got a new branch presidency and I think they have a new fire under them. They really love these people and just want to help them.

Well the report on the Morales is good. They came to our Saturday activity and they had a good time. The little boy MJ (6) is so funny. It was really fun. Then we were talking to the dad about coming to church and he said he would be there. He said “I just have to come to set the example for the rest of my family.” It was amazing. Well Sunday rolled along and they weren't there so we went by Sunday night and asked what happened and he said he got up late and by the time he got ready it was 9:30 and I said well church starts at 10:00 and he got this confused look on his face and he was like really? So I guess he got confused, but that night he prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help them get to church on Sunday. Heavenly Father wants them at church so they will be there at church. They are an amazing family.

Well I don't have much to report on this week...obviously. I do want to say if you guys are doing a gift exchange. I would like to be in on it. I mean, if I can. Another thing...dad asked a few weeks ago about what I wanted for my birthday/Christmas and I told him I would think about it. Well here is my short, very missionary version, of my Christmas list:

1. That calendar I mentioned before with the pictures and what not.
2. Nice black shoes that I can wear to church and other meetings - size 8.5.
3. A pack of brown socks and a pack of black socks
4. Two long sleeve white shirts, JC Penny Stafford super shirt, no button collar - size 15.5/32.
5. Of course...ties.
6. A gray suit to wear to church and meetings, mine are looking kind of dull and I don't like wearing them to meetings. (This one could be tricky but let me know how you want to do it.)
7. A new watch, I have had mine since the 7th grade and it is pretty dinged up.
8. I heard at missionariesmom.com or something like that, they have a small-sized PMG. An elder here has one and I like it.

Anyway that is my list. So I thought it was a pretty good one.

Anyway I better run, have a great week and remember to be thankful...of course that goes without saying but I everyone else is saying it so I though I should too.....

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