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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things are getting back to normal (11/09/2009)

Well after a crazy transfer last transfer, I feel things are finally getting back into place. I feel like an NBA team that has come back, last season was tough, but it is good to get a new start.

Well first off for the weather report, it is down right frigid. It was in the low 40's all of yesterday and it seemed as though it was going to snow but it never did. It is dropping into I am assuming the mid 20's at night but I don't really know since I am not out at that time. But all in all, it is very chilly. Never in my life have I seen leaves change colors and fall but it is in full force here. It is so very pretty and we have been able to help a few people pick up their leaves. I am not going to say that I didn't have a chance to jump in a few piles.

Well we had a good week. Sunday we had 53 people at church in the Spanish branch. We usually average about 35 to 40 so that was really good. It is more than likely since the harvest is dying off and people now have "time" to come to church. We will see what happens next week.

We were able to go over to the Morales’ house last Wednesday and talk to them about Alma 32 and faith. We are now at the point where we just need to get in there and get them to read the Book of Mormon and start praying. They are such a great family and have a desire to learn. Coming to church wouldn't hurt either.

My ear is feeling better. There is no more fluid coming out which is always a plus. Pretty much the whole week when I swallowed it sound as though it was popping which was really annoying. You don't realize how much you swallow until you can hear it. That has seemed to stop though in the past couple of days so maybe it has finally healed over for good. We will see though. I asked the doctor if I need to do anything for my ears and she said the only thing really to do is get tubes put in. So that doesn't sound very exciting. Also she listened to my heart and lungs and said I was kind of wheezing. She asked if I wanted an inhaler. I asked if I needed it and she said are you having trouble breathing? and I said no, then she said don't worry about it. She said remember, no matter what a doctor tells you, it’s about how you feel, not what they think. So that really calmed my nerves down. Oh and also my allergy problem has been solved. I told her that I had an allergy problem and she told me to take Zyrtec and I said yeah I had looked into that but that is quite expensive and she said yes that’s what I thought but at Costco they sell the generic and you get a year supply for 16 dollars. So I asked a member if they could pick me some up and I have taken it for about 5 days and it has worked like a charm, I can go to any dog or cat and not even think about sneezing. It is very nice.

Last Sunday was high council Sunday for the stake. Usually they can get people from the high council that speak Spanish but they couldn't this month I guess. So I had to translate 3 talks from English to Spanish. They would say a sentence and I would say it in Spanish. It was very hard but very rewarding. Although one guy started talking about planets and orbits and another guy was talk about the engines in cars. That was a tough one.

Well sorry but I can’t think of anything else. I need to get back to writing things down so I can remember them. Have a great week.

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