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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Well, the e-mail I wrote today was pretty lame so I decided to write a letter.

Now a little about Walla Walla. It seems like any small town that the people grow up and say they will never come back but somehow they are still here. Walla in some Indian language means water and when you say it twice, it means waters. There are a lot of lakes and creeks. It is actually a pretty town. There are four Spanish Elders in our district and the other ones are serving in Milton-Freewater which is just on the other side of the Oregon border. So we go there quite often so I have been to Washington and Oregon which brings my state count to 16, if I remember right.

Even though they know Spanish, we do their Spanish work because they only do English. Weird, I know. But so we cover like five wards with Spanish and one with English. We stay busy though. Tonight, we went out with the leader of the Spanish group and didn’t get into one house. It was pouring rain too. So that made it fun. The guy addicted to narcotics called and said he got four hours of sleep today after having none for five days. He is an awesome guy and trying to turn his life around.

Our baptism goal for this transfer is five. So I will keep you posted on that. Sister Belnap told us to have you keep our investigators in your prayers and put them on the prayer roll. The names are Tito, Christine, Brian, George, Pedro, Martha, Daniel, Bernardo. You don’t need to pray for them individually but those are their names for the prayer roll. Well life is good, sorry about the lame e-mail. Keep up the good work.


Elder Bair

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