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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

03/31/2009 (Transfers already?)

Well, transfers are here again. We will probably find out Friday what will happen. I will probably stay here and get a new companion, but I will let you know. I am actually really excited. I love Elder Flint but he has been here for 7 and a half months and has created a really strong bond with most of the members and other people. So I felt like I didn't do much so I am hoping that when he leaves I will be able to get out there and do more work and feel like I belong a little bit more and I am not just there to learn.

Well another update on Todd. I guess when he stopped taking narcotics, he promised himself that in 30 days he would stop smoking. Well Friday was 30 days. We went over on Thursday night and gave him a blessing. I gave it and I feel uncomfortable saying this, because he has been in Vancouver all week with his wife and kids so I haven’t talked to him, but, as I was giving it I could feel the Lord telling me that he won’t have any more temptations to smoke again and I was able to bless him with that. It was crazy.

Another thing that was crazy is he said it had been 30 days. I was shocked that I had been here for 30 days. I was in the bathroom when I was thinking about this and I figured out that since I entered the MTC I have been on my mission 105 days today. Out of 730, that’s not bad.

We haven’t done much teaching. We had an inactive family of about 9 go to church, a single guy, a single mom, and an elderly lady that’s about 85 or so go that haven't been in a couple years. She is really funny and witty. She has shingles in her arm so she can't drive and she has really bad short term memory loss so every time we go over she tells us that no one visits her because she can't remember them coming over.

A lady that is 97 served a mission with her husband in Peru (before dad served his) gave me a letter opener from Peru. It is pretty neat; it has a little design etched into it.

It rained all day Saturday and into the night. Then we woke up Sunday morning and there were 2 to 3 inches of snow on the ground. It was crazy. It melted by noon though. Otherwise the weather hasn't been bad. We have been walking about 15 miles a day or so, which has been really nice. The weather is so nice its fun to just walk and talk with Elder Flint.

Tomorrow we are going for a BBQ at the house of the family of 9 that came to church. They are making Carne Asada. I am really excited. It is one of their daughter’s birthday so that’s why we are going.

On Friday there is a baptism for 2 kids that are 8 and a brother and sister (by adoption) and I and Elder Flint and their dad are singing “I am a child of God”. People love missionaries I guess.

Saturday, during the pouring rain, we had to move a family in from Royal City; it’s up by Moses Lake. And the guy was a metal worker. I have never lifted so much heavy useless junk.

Well that’s about it for this week. I hope all is well in the sunshine state. They say that Eastern Washington doesn't rain much but people lie too. Keep chugging along. I love you all.

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