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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

03/18/2009 (Time is starting to fly)

Hello from Walla Walla. We are at the library today. On the way in we got stopped by a JW and she just talked to us the whole time and wouldn't let us talk and told us she didn't know why we had Elder on our name tag because it says in the Bible to not have Elder on your name tag. She kept going on about how we talk about heaven and she believes we have eternal life so I guess she believes she can live forever. I don't know what’s going on.

Things are going well. We had 21 people out to church on Sunday. That was really exciting. After Church we talked to Christine, the German foreign exchange student, about baptism. She said she knows the church is true but still isn't sure about baptism. I think it is because she is afraid to ask her mom because she expressed fear about that.

We also asked two little Mexican boys to be baptized. Their names are ironically enough George (13) and Brian (11). They have an interesting story. The mom is a member but for a while her husband wouldn't let her go to church. Then she was allowed to go to church but the missionaries weren't allowed over. Then the missionaries were allowed over but they couldn't talk to the boys about the church. Then they could talk to them about church and it seems like he is going to let them be baptized but we will see. Awesome kids. Brian is a little more excited about it and has said that he also wants to serve a mission which is awesome.

We also asked another kid named Leo to be baptized but his grandma who is a member and takes care of him has a tough time coming to church herself so that one is a little sticky situation.

Oh yeah I almost forgot. So last Sunday we went to Tito's house and he started off by telling us that his Mother-in-law noticed he was talking to us and told him that he was going to have to wear special underwear. I thought that was funny and interesting to watch Satan take action. Then he told us that he was diagnosed with active TB and the doctor told him to wear a mask that he then put on after we were in his house a good 10 minutes. Yeah I know. But he did say that he had read 3 Nephi 11 and told us it was about baptism. So anyway we call Sister Belnap about this because we are supposed to call her about all medical things and she has us call Doctor Fise who is in charge of all of the missions in Washington. So we call him and I could hear his nervousness over the phone. He tells us we have to go get a skin test and call him and ask if Tito is legal and all of that jazz. I don't know if you know but Mexicans don't like to be asked if they are legal. So we call him and he is, he has a nice home and nice cars so I figured he was, and he said he had a blood test and a chest x ray and the doctor was legit. So we go down to the county health center and get the test and the lady says what’s this guy’s name. So we tell her so she can look him up. So we go back Wednesday (President said we couldn't tell you because he didn't want our moms calling, SORRY!!) So we go back on Wednesday to get it read and Elder Flint's was fine but mine was pretty red so she tells me the nurse has to see mine. I was sweating bullets to say the least. Anyway she said I don't have it and she said if we HAD been exposed to it that it would be a low chance that we had it. So I said he didn't have it, and she said we have not had any new reports of Active TB (I guess they are informed about all of them). Anyway, she wouldn't flat out say he didn't have it but she pretty much said he didn't. So we go on and call him because he set another appointment that night. He tells us that he didn't end up having active TB. I KNOW. All that for nothing. Then he said he didn’t have time to talk to us anymore. He’s not sick and he dropped us. The Nerve. Anyway, that was the event of the week.

We got an advertise referral for a “Finding Faith in Christ” DVD for last night but we got hung up at the appointment before so we were late and the guy had left, but his friend told us he had been expecting us and waiting for the movie so he could be a good investigator. We are going there tonight.

Todd, The detoxing guy is doing really well. He and his wife were holding hands at church so they look like they are on the mend. He tried to quit smoking the other day but his body did the same thing it did when he stopped with the narcotics so he decided to do it one at a time. Which I don't blame him. He gave us a free Camelback which he got from his brother in the coast guard so that was sweet. He is going to go out with us either tomorrow or Friday so that should be fun.

We do teaching in English and teach an English class. Those are on Wednesday nights which I won’t be going to tonight because I have to go with an English elder to some guy’s house that only knows Spanish so that should be fun.

We do exercises every morning. We get 1000 miles a month on the car so we walk if we need to save miles. It has been really really nice here during the days so I somewhat enjoy walking. Elder Flint is from St. George. I don’t wear my coat, at all. Maybe next winter. I wore it in the MTC though so it was worth it.

Last night we had shrimp cocktail at a Mexican lady’s house. It wasn't that bad. I was surprised. I haven’t had anything I don't like here. They all think we need dessert and it is usually brownies so that is getting old and it’s only been 3 weeks.

Well I better run. Keep up the good work everyone. Everything is well here.

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