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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

01/06/2009 (Let it snow let it snow let it snow)

Hello all in the sunshine state!!!! It is snowing here and has dumped about a foot and half already today. It has been quite the experience. We went to the temple today for the first time. We did Sealings. It was fun and a nice break from the norm! It was weird to be in the temple but a very good experience none the less. A lot has been going on here. We had 2 teachers. Hermana Amupuno who served in Long Beach and is from Ecuador and Hermano Hildago who served Roseville and is from Mexico. Now we have 2 more since BYU started its new semester. They are Hermano Vance from Mesa and went to Mountain View High School and served in Mexico City. He is a really good teacher and I feel the spirit every time and is also very knowledgeable about the gospel. He also keeps me updated on the Suns. The other is Hermana Hawley from Oregon who served in Spain. She is very spunky and very energetic. We just met her yesterday so I will keep you posted on her status.

We did the RC again yesterday which was another great experience. All of the advanced elders that showed up the same day as us all left yesterday and today and a few are leaving next Monday. They were all so nice and it will be to see them leave. Last night after lights out we had a little brouhaha where a couple elders had to be restrained. The one is from LA and I think he was just teasing the other and the other just popped.

Regarding your new neighbors. I having my missionary goggles on see a perfect missionary experience. You have a son on a mission, what’s mission, what is he teaching, boom! You have someone interested in the gospel. They seem like quite the family. The sister’s Christmas present was a pearl necklace. They were pretty excited about that so you can report that in your good news minute. I have heard of English and a couple of Spanish elders going Kennewick but they leave this week which would put them 6 weeks ahead of me but I have never met anyone. Our New Year was boring. We didn't do anything exciting. We just woke up and it was 2009! whoopee!!! I have seen a couple of guys from Peoria north stake here. I had to get Hep-A shot. It was sixty something dollars. I have to get another in the field. I just paid with my debit card. I try to speak Spanish to my comps. because it helps me speak and them to listen. I will try that about the suit because it is 5.66 to get your suit dry cleaned here but you can use your card that they give you so we will see.

Well I am learning a lot and am 3 weeks down!!! It has flown.

Your questions: We have personal time for like 4 hours a day and then a teacher for the rest when we are not at meals or in breakfast. It goes by fast though. We do sit at desks. I usually use 2 because we have so much stuff and I have to reach over to write because they are right handed desk. I am pretty much exhausted by Saturday night but the rest of the days it’s not to bad. We hare beginning to go to the temple every week. There are four beds in our room but just three of us. Me and my 2 comps. Meals are 45 minutes but we usually finish within 15.

Well I have 2 minutes left. I have lost 3 pounds. YES!! I have printed pictures but I probably won’t send them until I leave the MTC when I can send more. How are my letters? Am I better or worst than Scott. Well sorry about all the typos I am trying to type fast.

Remember the lord loves us all and just wants us to succeed. If you believe the restoration, you believe in it all.

Nos vermos luego

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