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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


How are you? I am doing fine. I can’t believe the Cardinals are in the super bowl. I guess since the Diamondbacks won it when Scott was gone the Cardinals will win it now that I am gone.

This whole using the word document thing has been trippy but it seems to be working for the time being. Since I only have 3 more p-days here in the MTC after this one it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Elder Black the one that was on the plane with us remembered you talking to him telling him where the bags were coming off. He is kind of goofy though but he makes me laugh because he just is kinda aloof to life. But he is really smart and pretty good at Spanish when he talks.

Speaking of presidents, we got a new MTC mission president. They are Brother and Sister Smith. That is really sweet that Mountain Ridge is marching in the inauguration parade. I heard that Kurt Haws was leading them. That is crazy. As I speak right now, Barack Obama is our president. That’s a little weird.

We do have to do service every Thursday. We just go in the kitchen and pretty much unload things from trucks and move them around. Nothing big. We have to have our room clean but we have never cleaned it. We are all good about putting things away and so it doesn’t need to be cleaned anyway. They want us to get haircuts every 2 weeks here so I will probably get 2 more before I leave.

I am glad to hear my letters are sufficient enough. Which reminds me, I would like to see some pictures of you guys. Maybe of Christmas or something. It sounds like with Dad, Scott and Chad all working out of town you guys are just living the party life down there in the valley of the sun.

I remember your ward conference times. You were always really busy. But it is just like any other church calling, the more you do, the more you will be blessed. Plain and simple. That kind of stinks that dad has to go to church alone though. No one will be able to wake him up.

We have had a pretty big mix up. But I feel it is for the good. I have learned a lot more Spanish since moving over to that district. The reason they had so many teachers is because of the holidays so they were short on teachers and so some of them were doubling up on classes some days. The reason that kid wanted to go to the field or go to the advance class is because he didn’t feel like he was progressing. He has been getting some anxiety about it and what do you know, I have had anxiety so I am just trying to talk to him and make him feel like this is normal. That kid that got in the fight left to go to the field. That’s what happened to him.

Your philosophy about talking to the neighbors about the church may work. We have learned here that missionaries are supposed to be nosey. Everyone has a problem, that’s why they might have a tough time hearing about the gospel. The sooner you get to that, they sooner you will baptize them. It may sound weird, but all 55,000 of us are weird. We all know this gospel is true, lets share it.

Well not much has happened here. Last Tuesday Elder Holland came to speak to use again. It doesn’t get old listening to him. We have been teaching a bunch of lessons to fake investigators. The may be fake but sometimes they give you these problems and all of the sudden you feel they have this problem and you really want to fix them and then after the lesson you remember that they don’t really have a problem. It is hard to explain but really neat. We got a new mission president his name is President Smith. I haven’t heard him or really seen him but he seems nice. I have really become close to my new district. Some are pretty quite but I won’t let them be. 2 of them are really into magic so that’s fun. We went to the temple today and did endowments. The Provo temple is pretty basic but really pretty. I don’t think I have given as many hugs to guys as I have the past month. Speaking of month, I have been here a month! You tell people how long I have been out you can say a month, not 4 weeks. I only have 23 to go. It has gone pretty quick for me. It feels like I haven’t seen you guys in forever but the weeks keep going by fast. Seems like I am always here writing you guys. If this is supposed to go slow, I can’t wait to see what it is like when I get 6 months under my belt.

I feel like I am only enjoying the MTC because you told me too. I went in thinking it was going to great, and so far it has. Sometimes it seems like we won’t ever teach real people but when I get like that I just go to the RC. Playing basketball has been awesome. We play 5 days a week. It’s really fun. The food hasn’t been bad at all. I try to not eat the same thing each week so I am not sick of it yet. But I am not a very picky eater anyway. I have eaten a lot of hamburgers which has reminded me of this summer.

Yo se que Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador. Yo se que familias son al central de la plan de Dios. Tengo mucho amor por ustedes. Yo se que necesito ir a Washington Kennewick para hablar con los persones alla. Nos Hablamos Luego

Con mucho amor!!

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