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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I saw snowflakes! (10/13/2009)

That’s right folks I saw about four snowflakes today, but mostly just rain; it is about 35° and down right chilly. It was even colder last night standing outside talking to a cop for an hour and a half.

The work is really going well here. We went by the Morales family on Wednesday and we had a really good lesson. Vaihane (16) was asking a lot of good questions. She wants to know why her family is going through so much trouble and what they can do to change it. We just talked about having that faith in the Lord and doing the things you are supposed to. At the end, we all knelt in prayer and Sergio (Dad, member) gave a beautiful prayer. It was surprisingly very Mormon-like for being out of the church for over 25 years. When we all said amen and were standing up Josania (mom) was bawling. It was awesome. We had an appointment with them last night but it got changed again to tomorrow night. We will see how that goes. We are planning on going over the restoration and watching the restoration video.

Some other good news is Maria. She was baptized while I was gone and she is doing awesome. She is reading the Book of Mormon for a second time and is memorizing The Articles of Faith. Last Sunday she gave the opening prayer in Sacrament meeting and she walks up and says “Buenos Dias, vamos a inclinar nuestras cabezas” or "good morning, we are going to bow our heads" and says the prayer. Hey, whatever works.

Today we went to the temple; that’s why this e-mail is so late. The temple was good like always. I struggled staying awake because we had the 8:15 session which meant we had to be up at 5:45 to get down there, plus we were up late talking to the cop last night.

Mom, I haven’t gotten your letter yet because yesterday was a holiday so sorry if you had any questions. But dad to answer your question about the plaque. I don't really know; I was thinking D&C 84:88 or somewhere in Alma. I don't have one set but I have a couple in my mind.

Okay....so the cop story.

Yesterday we had interviews up in Yakima so we and the Zillah Elders drove together while they just left their car in the alley behind our apartments where they always park. So that was all good. So we head home that night and pull our car into the garage and the Zillah elders go to their car and the passenger side window had been broken and their GPS was gone. So we were looking at it and calling the guy who is in charge of the vehicles when this truck shows up and rolls down his window and sticks out a gun and says get away from the car!!! Just kidding, the truck pulls up and two guys get out and told us they saw it happen and they had already called the cops that day. It had happened about 2:00 that afternoon. This guy who lives in our apartment complex (Juan) was outside on his lap top when he saw a car pull up and a guy get out with a girl driving. He didn't think much of it. Then he heard stomping noises, once again didn't think much of it until he heard the alarm go off so he kind of looks and he sees a guy walking back to the car with a GPS in tote and get in the car and they drive off. The best part is Juan, worked with that guy (Salvador) before so he tells us all of this and we get a cop there and he takes fingerprints. I got some good pictures so don't worry. But anyway, Salvador has been in jail before for stealing the jars of money for cancer kids. Not a smart guy. Juan had his number so they were going to work with that. We don't know what happened except it was exciting but very cold at the same time.

Well I better run. I have to speak AGAIN in church on Sunday. That is now number ten on the mission. Have a good one

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