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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You wont believe it (08/11/2009)

You won’t believe it, I am actually staying in my area with my companion for a second transfer. This is very weird but I am very excited since we have so many things that are cooking right now.

Now for the updates.....

Veronica came to church again. Her fellowshipper told us that she seems nervous and may need another week so after talking it over with Veronica we are moving that baptism to the 22nd of August. She seems ready but nervous. But who wouldn't be. I am excited and can't wait to watch her take the plunge.

The Rodriquezes are still ready to go for the 22nd. We are going over there tomorrow to talk about the wedding license and make the last-minute plans. They seem ready to do it as well.

The Mendozas are ready to go for the 29th still. They have kids that are their age so that is really good. The dad who hasn't been to church in about 10 years or so, came on Sunday and you can tell he was touched. Their mom is still shady but we will worry about her later.

Elder Hafen came and spoke on Wednesday on the atonement. He gave an awesome talk as you can imagine. One joke he shared was hilarious. I will relay it to you (he was a very funny guy).

A sports reporter goes up to a large football player after the game on a turf field and asks him if he likes turf or grass better. The football player things about it and after a while replies, I don't know, I have never smoked turf.

He was a hoot throughout the day.

The reasons I asked for the shirts is because we got two different types of fabric and one is very hot and stiff and so its makes it uncomfortable.

The pictures in my camera got deleted because I was playing around with my camera and I hit format memory card which I found out deletes all of your pictures.

My suggestion for “Preach my Gospel” is to read chapters 3-6. It doesn't matter the order but those will help you guys the most as members. The whole book will help but those are most church-oriented while the rest is more missionary-oriented.

Well have a great week and keep praying for the missionaries in your own wards by name.

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