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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baptism (08/18/2009)

Well Veronica had her baptismal interview this week. She did it with the zone leaders and all is good so she is set for the baptism on Saturday. Elder Mendez is going to baptize her and I think I am going to confirm her.

The weather had been pretty nice actually. Friday night we went out and I was actually a little chilly. There was a storm that cooled things off quiet nicely.

The people we live with are out of town for two weeks so their daughter is taking care of the dog. Well the dog is very bored as you can imagine so she has been coming down with us and even jumped into bed with me one night. After a night of wrestling with her and flashbacks of Rex, I decided to bring her bed down. She has slept in there since but it hasn't been great for my allergies.

Well the last missionary that was in Connell had been there for nine months and had accumulated a lot of things. Well he had left a lot of shoes. And I discovered them so I have a lot more shoes! It is quiet nice. I have nice black shoes to wear to church instead of my Rockports that I have that are beat up.

Since in Connell there are only about three places to eat out and none of them are a chain like McDonalds, there is no place to waste your money. So from the $135 that we get each month I still have $100 left. It is nice. I don't know what I will do with it though.

I have counted my ties and I have over 50. I am trying to beat Scott’s record. How many did he have?

How is Westin? How did you get that name? I want to go to Disneyland when I get back so lets start planning that.

Well I better run. Sorry this letter is short. We did a lot but I just don't remember it all. Have a good week.

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