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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Here we go again! (08/04/2009)

Since Friday, we still have been busy. Saturday, we had a five-stake meeting, the whole south east of Washington and parts of Oregon, where Elder Perry from the area authority came and spoke about utilizing the ward mission plan and missionaries and stuff. It was for all ward council members so it was really neat. It was fun to see at church the next day how everyone was excited about it and ready to get missionary work moving. Hopefully it stays that way.

Then tomorrow, we are having Elder Hafen from the First Quorum of the Seventy coming to talk to us. That should be exciting.

Well, Sunday, Veronica came to church and seemed to really enjoy it. It was fast and testimony meeting which is always a little stressful for missionaries and investigators but every one said that it went fine. We weren't able to go because I have to play the piano in the Spanish branch. She still has questions about being baptized but she is still good to go for the 15th

Then last night, we were over at the Mendoza family’s house. The parents are members but inactive and we have been trying to get them to go. The dad has been trying but hasn't been able to. But two weeks ago the kids came. They have twin 14-year-old boy and girl and then an 8-year-old boy. So last night we went over and taught them the first lesson. It was really good for their dad and the spirit was really there. We committed them to be baptized on the 29th of August and they said yes! It was awesome, the spirit was there and you can tell they all felt it.

So the 15th, 22nd and 29th of this month are all going to be very busy with 4 baptisms and a wedding.

Well some other exciting news is that, everywhere I have served, the kids will always speak to me in English, but here, they actually speak to me in Spanish, it is great. And also, for the longest time I had a fear of talking on the phone in Spanish. I don't know why it is just hard, but I finally got over that. So now, it is just sharpening my skills in anyway I can.

The other day, all of my pictures on my camera got deleted. I had sent a lot to elder Cavaness though so I should be able to get those back. But the pictures may not come for a while...sorry.

The other day we went to this house to eat and the rug in the entry way was the same one we have under the kitchen table at home, at least it was there when I left.

Mom you asked about the Temple. You have to make an appointment to come in. There is only one Endowment room too. I have been thinking about getting some temple pants because they only have five that you can borrow and they reek of chlorine. Also, I was wondering if I could go to JC Penny’s and get some new shirts. Just a couple, because I have 2 different types of short sleeve shirts and one is not very comfortable, it is really hot. The other is a lot more breathable.

The other day for the sacrament hymn, we got mixed up on what I was playing and what they were singing so that wasn't too good.

Well I better run. Keep praying for me and all of the missionaries throughout the world. This work is more important than anything. Have a great week.

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