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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Halfway through the transfer (07/21/2009)

Well before I forget, next week we have interviews so I will be e-mailing on Wednesday. Also we went to the temple today so that’s why I am emailing so late.

Well, as I said before, we went to the temple today. It was good as normal. I did it in Spanish again so that was fun and exciting. All was well. I am starting to appreciate the temple more now that I kind of know what I am doing.

I played the Piano in church again. It seems as though they are really going to rely on me to play. I enjoy playing but I am going to have to fine tune some other songs. I am really enjoying playing though.

On my talks I gave last week in church, I just made a few notes. I think in Spanish and just shared it. I pretty much just shared three stories and a couple of scriptures and my testimony. Nothing too fancy.

The weather hasn't been that bad here. It is hot but not too too hot.

We really worked hard last week. We taught 68 lessons and found 8 new investigators and a bunch of other potential ones. It is amazing how when you work harder, it seems the people you are teaching feel the spirit so much more powerfully.

We went back to Yahdel’s on Tuesday but he had gone to Othello, we went back on Friday (I think) to set up another appointment. He invited us in but he had to go somewhere so we just set up another appointment. He seemed pretty sorry for not being there for the last appointment.

Tonight we have an appointment with the Gonzaga family. I think we are going to try and put them on a date for baptism. I think I mentioned them in my letter home last week.

Whenever we are in the first visit, I try to ask them to read something out loud while we are there. If they accept then I know they can read. If they say no, then it usually means they can't read so we have to try a different attack.

I already got a hole in one of my socks. It is in the toe but they are only 7 months old so that’s not a good sign for the rest of them.

Well you guys are all rotten for going to SD without me. I want to hear all of the details in the next letter and Pictures are a must. Speaking of which, will you guys send back the camera chip so I can send the chip I have, to you.

Well I had better run. Sorry the letter is so short, not much happened this week. We are halfway done with the transfer already. Time is flying. We’ll talk to you next week. Have Fun in SD!!

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