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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Well (10/05/2010)

Well, as I said two weeks ago, the Lord works in mysterious ways. I know that I was sent to Milton-Freewater for a reason and I have found those reasons

First reason is how important members are in the conversion of Our Heavenly Father’s Children. The ward was very good at missionary work. They may not get the baptisms that some wards get but, we did have a baptism on Sunday and it didn't even feel like one because we really didn't do much. They took care of all of the details and planning. It was quite nice.

Sometimes I feel, as the missionary, that I am supposed to do all of the planning and get everything set up. I feel that these ward members are too busy to do anything and since this is my job I can just get it set up. But that's not the case. We need the help of the members.

Another thing I learned is the Lord listens to everyone’s prayers. He understands what you are going through. He realizes your pains and your joys. I felt as though Elder Holland stood up and talked to me as he gave his talk to open General Conference. Speaking of Conference I thought it was amazing. I got the chills as the MTC choir sang "Hark all ye Nations". We always sang that in the MTC and I thought they did an excellent job. Also, who knew that they had glasses of water underneath the pulpit? I wonder if they have several or if they all have to drink out of the same glass?

Anyways, I don't know where I am off to but I do know I am getting a companion that is flying in today from the MTC. I am excited and humbled. Everything will be great.

Well I would like to thank everyone for your prayers. I thank Chad for his letters. Keep up the good work. I know the Lord is watching over us. I testify that we do not walk alone. Never.

I love you all.

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