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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It is getting, well warm (06/03/2009)

I had this whole e-mail written and then I went to write a second e-mail and evidently you can't write 2 e-mails at the same time so the first one was deleted.

I would say it is getting hot here but I know that all of you in Arizona would have a cow since it is only in the high 90's. But it is warm to me. It’s not the walking around with all of these clothes on that gets to me. It’s the fact that no one has air conditioners here. If they do, it's just the ones in the window. It doesn't get the apartment very cool. I want the AC to start to fall out the window so I can run after it and yell “THE AIR CONDITIONER” and grab it by the electrical cord and try and pull it back in. That’s the weather report.

The reason why I didn't e-mail yesterday was because we went to the 10:45 session at the temple and so we didn't get back until about 4:30 when the library (where we get on the internet) was closed.

The baptism for Nick Leyva is still June 13th. He is doing really well. We are teaching a lady named Maria Ojeda. She is doing really well. We told her she needed to go to church on Sunday and she said she would but she needed a ride. So we find her a ride and everything was great. This all goes down on Saturday so it is pretty sure fire that she will be there. So Sunday morning rolls around and we call her with no answer. Then the ride calls her and no answer and she wasn't home.

Yesterday we locked our keys in the apartment and so we had to take out the AC and had one of the English elders go through the window to let us in.

I noticed that a significant amount of e-mails today referred to me being out 6 months. Now my official 6-month day isn't until the 17th which happens to be lady’s birthday. I don’t want to take anything away from her special day so let’s not get carried away. At times I think it is going too fast and then I realize that I have 18 months left so that thought escapes my mind. It is going really fast though. I can't believe I am 1/4 of the way done.

We cover for the English wards, Toppenish and Wapato. For the Spanish, we cover those wards along with Zilla, White Swan, Harrah and Mount Adams. We had 32 to church on Sunday with a couple of regulars that weren't there so that was pretty good.

How is Logan doing? I had a dream that he was playing basketball and was really good when I got home.

Well I hope and pray all is well. I will talk to you next week.

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