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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First of Hopefully many (06/16/2009)

Well, the baptism for Nick went through. We showed up about two hours early to fill the font. It takes about an hour and a half and in the mean time we were making copies of the program and setting everything up. We got the font to the 4th step, so the water was pretty high, and shut it off. The family of the girl Nick is dating showed up to the baptism about 20 minutes late so that held us up quiet a bit. We took pictures and then got the program started. It was very nice. Nick had seven non-member family members there so that was good. We go to do the baptism and we open up the curtains and the water had dropped to about two feet high. It was ridiculous. So the first time he was baptized, his arm came up out of the water. So we did it again. This time the kid that baptized him kind of pushed Nick down so he would be fully submerged so he was but came up coughing because I don’t think he was ready to be pushed down. But anyway, it all worked out. He was baptized on Saturday, confirmed Sunday, had his interview to receive the priesthood on Sunday and will be ordained next Sunday.

Last night we went to the Clements for dinner and then we burned one of my ties because my six month mark is officially tomorrow. So that was fun.

Also yesterday, a family who has four horses had grown their own oats, cut it down and it was all dried and ready to go. They had a guy bale it and put it in a pile, but, the pile had tipped over. So they called to see if we could come help put it back up. So we bucked about 90 bails of hay. I was pretty itchy at the end but it was fun. I slept pretty well last night that’s for sure.

I hope the cruise went well. I got all of the pictures and it seemed like you enjoyed yourself. I thought the animal with the life jacket and dad’s hat looked a lot like dad.
(Note from the editor: Do you really think this looks like dad?)

Well school is out here in Toppenish today so maybe there will be a little bit more action going on for the next couple of months. The fields are still killing us though. The adults are gone from sun up to sun down so they are never home so we can teach them.

On Sunday night we were out tracting and we were doing really well. We went to this house that was the second to last one we were going to knock and this lady comes out and is just like no. I am Catholic, have a nice day, so we started walking away and she says you know you guys should stop being so judgmental. She said that all Mormons are judgmental because we won’t let blacks get to the highest glory in heaven. She kept going on and on about us being judgmental. Then we were saying good-bye again and she said that one little advice, if you want people to listen to you then you should have Mexican people come around. And we were like we know Spanish and she said it doesn't matter. We will listen to Mexican people before white people. Whatever, I just feel bad for her. She is losing her chances to come into the gospel.

Well I better get running. Have a great week. Happy Birthday Lady and Stacy and Happy Fathers Day Milt, Dad, Scott, Chad and Matt.

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