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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So Karen and Daniela are getting baptized tomorrow. (Karen is Edubijes I suppose that Edubijes is just a nickname....don't ask me). Then Erika is going to get baptized on Saturday. It should be awesome.

We also have a new family that is starting to progress. Their name is Edgar and Lilian. They have two kids, Justin (8) and Ashley (5). Justin is severely autistic. They are an awesome family. They have been taught off and on for about a year and half now. They are a family that seems that they would always let the Elders in and always wanted to be taught, but, at the same time, had never been to church and never really wanted to act. Well they came to church on Sunday. They said that one of their biggest fears has always been their son. He isn't very good at sitting still. Well on Sunday, it was testimony meeting as you know and so sacrament meeting ran for about an hour and a half and he stayed still the whole time. They just kept saying how surprised they were. They said it just seemed like something was holding him back. We then talked about baptism. They said if they found out these things were true then they would get baptized. They said they are going to earnestly pray tonight to find out if these things are true. They are a great family.

Gerardo is doing really well. Gerardo is a really really quiet guy and he is really starting to open up. He stayed for all three hours this week. He is making a lot of friends and you can just tell that he is changing. He is a great guy and is set for baptism on the 19th.

I don't know if you remember Carolina or not but she is back on date. She is on date for December 4th. She is a cool girl. I can tell the adversary really doesn't want her to get baptized (just like he didn't want any of us to get baptized) because it seems like every Sunday there is something new. Like this week her daughter was sick. It is frustrating but it is so comforting to know that the adversary will NEVER win.

Well the leaves are really starting to change here. It is really pretty but it sure makes for a big miss, but they are fun to walk on. I am really excited for these baptisms to come up this week. They should be awesome and a really spiritual experience. Erika is a really cool girl. She fasted on Sunday, which is amazing. She also said she wants to go to General Conference in April so she can see a living prophet. She is cool. I ask that you keep her in your prayers this week that she will be able to find a new job. She just started working at Taco Bell but they won’t give her Sundays off, she can come to church but she has to work the rest of the day. So she is looking for a new job.

I love you all. I appreciate you. God loves you more importantly. Imagine if everyone truly understood how much God loved them.

Have a great week.

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