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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So long President Belnap (06/29/2010)

Well as of Monday, June 28th at 1 o'clock. We officially got a new mission president. President Leonard Dare Greer from Gilbert, Arizona. The original report from some Elders that met him yesterday is that he laughs a lot and is always smiling. That is different from President Belnap who was serious for the majority of the time.

This week was a crazy week. We did our normal thing most of the week but then Friday and Saturday we went to a dance festival. The Dance Festival 2010 was the youth conference this year. What it was, was seven stakes got together and put on a show of different dances. There were nearly 2,500 youth involved and they just did dances. The theme was a Firm Foundation and so they had different dances that would show how they would keep a firm foundation in Christ. About five percent of the youth that participated were either non-members or less-actives. They put on three shows for anyone that wanted to attend.

The reason we were there is because, first, all of the non-members that were there and second, we were part of the show. At the end, all of the youth sang a How Firm a Foundation. When the second verse started, we all marched out holding white flags. It was really neat and fun. In between all of the practicing and the meals and what not, we went and talked with the youth which was also really fun. For part of their youth conference, on Saturday morning they had a little fireside-type thing where President Belnap, Sister Cook (the first counselor in the General Young Women's Presidency) and a Seventy came and spoke. Well, to open that up, they had a little presentation were they did a skit on the 2,000 stripling warriors. Then they said today we have our own warriors and we marched out singing Called to Serve then when we got there, we recited "The Standard of Truth". It was really neat. So we had a good week. Also, before the shows started, we were the ushers and we just welcomed people and told them where to go. So it was a different but very fun and rewarding weekend.

Things are going well here. Other than the fact we had to move out of the Boyle's. Our investigators are doing well on the reading front but they aren't coming to church. Which is frustrating but we are working with them on that. The weather has been in the high 70's and sunny all week long while cooling off to the low 50's at night. Just about perfect. I have found out that no one has AC here so that could be good and bad. Either it was going to be sweltering in homes, or it won’t get hot enough to need any AC. I am hoping for the latter.

It sounds like everyone is on vacation there or will be soon. Stacy is on a cruise, Scott is on a cruise/Hawaii, you guys are going to Christi's and Christi lives a vacation. Are you still planning on doing a trip when I get home? If so, when would it be, right when I get home or in the summer.

So I am pretty sure I want to do accounting. Brother Boyle is an accountant for Pacific Power and it sounds fun to me. I also am pretty sure I want to go to EA but if I can’t, then MCC would be fun as well. So if you could look to see if there are any classes I can take at EA, plus I would like to live in an apartment not the dorms, and any jobs that might be available. So, I don't know when all of that needs to start but that's what I want to do when I get home. If it changes, it changes but that is the original plan.

Well that’s about all I have. I hope you have a great week. Remember we are always examples.

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