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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another 6 inches later (01/05/2010)

Well another six inches of snow fell on the ground over the week. But then to top it off, it was in the high 30's and rainy yesterday so it made for a very wet and cold day. There is still quite a bit of snow on the ground, but not as much as there was.

Things are going really well here. We had another four people to church. It was Rosa and her two kids, and Heraldo. Rosa is still doing really well. She is still set to be baptized on the 17th. She is an awesome lady.

Heraldo is doing really well too. We went by Tuesday night and told him to put all of his doubts behind, and pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and if the Book of Mormon is true. He seemed to understand why we were wanting him to do that. It was a really good lesson, though at the end he walked out and said, oh yeah I don't know if the new church schedule is going to work (we went from 12:30 to 9) because my other church starts at 10. So that was kind of a curveball. So we expected him to just come for sacrament and then leave and go to his other church. So he comes to church and then stays all three hours. So after I asked him how come you didn't go to your other church. He said that he would rather be here. So I think he is getting it. We don't know how the praying has been going because our next appointment is tonight. Afterwards though he asked if we could go with him out to his car. So we did and we though he was going to drop us. He reaches in and his Book of Mormon and all of those books were sitting on his passenger seat so we thought he was reaching in to give those back, but then he reached into his glove compartment and pulled out two ties and gave us each one. It was really nice. They are nice ties too. It was cool

The story of the week has to belong to little Emily Cruz:

Last Tuesday after e-mailing I got a call from President Hanson of the Mattawa branch presidency. Mattawa is over by Connell but is in the Spokane mission. He said that he has two investigators that are at the NICU in Yakima because their baby was premature and that was the closest NICU I guess. So they had asked for a priesthood blessing and he had called us to see if we could make it over there. So that night we go over there but the parents aren't there, so we weren't allowed back there. Well the next day I was on exchanges with Elder Urbina and we had set up a time to meet them there. So we get over there and they had just gotten there, she was feeding the baby so we had to wait outside. Well the dad comes out and says she is ready but says only 2 people are allowed back there at a time. So since a parent had to be there, only one of us could go. So I went. For the record, I have only given about three blessings in Spanish in my life so I didn't know what I was going to do. So I head back there and I see this baby and it was the littlest thing I had ever seen in my life. I was talking to the mom for a little bit and come to find out, the baby was 7 weeks premature. It weighed 2.2 pounds at birth. It was tiny. So I anointed her and blessed her. I could only fit my index and middle finger of both hands on her head, and that was stretching it. It was so little. The spirit was really there though and I can tell you that she is going to be all right. She will live a happy healthy life. It was awesome.

Have a great week and remember to pray like it is all up to the lord.

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